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First PV Bikepacking Trip
This weekend we had the fun task of dragging people out into the woods with heavy bikes and making them camp in the cold. We had some first time bikepackers, inexperienced mountain bikers, a cross bike rider, and a GDMBR veteran. The best part? Everyone made it out safely and with an awesome trip under their belt.

We started the trip at Amethyst B...
Charting Unknown Territory: NH to MA

Planning a Trip

This has begun to feel like old hat.  Sometime during the week, I tell Jonathan that I have nothing planned for the upcoming weekend or he says, “bikepack this weekend?” And next thing you know, we’re knee deep in elephants, as the saying goes (that’s not a saying).  This time was no ...
Trail Exploring and Satisfaction
This weekend I decided it was time for a solo trip. I have neglected my race bike for a while and figured it needed some love. I refreshed the Stans, adjusted the derailleur, and replaced a set of worn brake pads. To finish everything off I borrowed a friend's frame bag that would fit my bike. Packed everything up, planned a route, and hit the trai...
Mt. Greylock by Bike
Fresh rolling on our new Salsa Mukluks, and fearing that winter would never come, Pat and I set off on the search for our first snow ride. There was a light dusting in our area so we thought that certainly the highest peak in Massachusetts would have some snow that stuck around. We weren't disappointed.

I started the planning. Scoping out the moun...